March 18, 2009

Our Trip to the Hospital

Since last post my son has been on antibiotics and antivirals for 14 days and he was hospitalized for 4 days and 5 nights. Why? because some individual decided to kiss my son on the cheek and I stupidly allowed it. Apparently my son has eczema and he had scratched himself pretty bad so when the person kissed my son he was infected. To make matters worst almost every human being has staph bacteria living on their skin so my DS was dealing with both a viral and a bacterial infection.

Alhamdullillah we took him to the hospital because he needed urgent medical care. Anyway I cried when they inserted the IV and all the probing they did to the poor fella. I was so angry I wanted to find the person responsible and give them the beating of their lives. The dr. kept telling me not to go on a witch hunt since 95% of all adults are infected with this disease (cold sores, dontcha love the euphemisms?). WTF. If you know you are infected with a virus that has no cure why the f@!k would you kiss a new born baby? Why? I don't remember anyone with anything particularly nasty on their mouths kissing my son but somehow they slipped passed me. DH and I are not infected nor do we have the antibodies for the virus so it most likely wasn't us.

The docs told me that I should count myself lucky since he was infected as a 4 month old instead of a newborn because it is almost always fatal in newborns even with treatment. Is that supposed to make me feel better? It made me want to kill the person (whoever they were) even more. Also while I was in the hospital a friend called (she didn't know about my son's condition or that we were in the hospital) to share a story about a mother accidentally killing her newborn with a kiss (you can read all about it here). My anxiety went through the roof.

They kept telling me that it was HSV1 instead of the bad herpes HSV2. What is the difference? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than one is socially acceptable (HSV1) and the other (HSV2) is NOT socially acceptable since you most likely got it doing the dirty. Now I was told they found it ONLY in his skin and not in his blood so inshaAllah it doesn't return ever again. In the mean time I am not allowing anyone to kiss my son. I know I can't protect him forever but I am way to pist off to let people near him again.

**I will post pics later

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  1. salam tutti, i read your post on your sons illness, ouch... poor little fella, and your right not to allow just anyone to kiss your baby. I was the same when mine were little, plus i dont like people touching my kids (even holding them) if i am not sure of them, mothers are always protective and its amazing how the feelings could make us want hurt someone in protecting our young.

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    kind regards