March 3, 2009

My bebe is sick :(

My lilo one is sick and I have no idea what to do. Being a first time parent is hard and being the only Muslim in your family equally as hard. Lilo has a fever ranging from 100-102.5 F and a severe rash on his cheek (face). It all started innocently enough 2 weeks ago with a cold that devastated the hubby, lilo and I. His cold went away but his skin was dry and irritated so he scratched. Fast forward a couple of days and his cheek looks like it has flesh eating bacteria.

Lilo at 4 months is one tough fella, he barely cries or fusses (unless you really mess with him). So today when he was crying inconsolably it broke my heart. My selectively religious Catholic mama goes like "You know what F that religion, you are not from amongst them and for God's sake wash the child." WTF! What does me being Muslim have anything to do with me not showering my baby because he is sick? She is in freaking Florida and yeah I shower my baby once a day unless he has a fever then I give him a quick sponge bath instead. She is lucky she is my mama and lilo was crying otherwise I would have let her have a piece of my mind.

I mean seriously, when was the last time you heard of Jesus (AS) crossing the Rio Grande on his way to preach in El Salvador? Mama, WHERE do you think Jesus was born? Columbia? NO! In the Middle freaking East (just to be vague) and last I checked our ancestors (my mama's and I) were indigenous people married and/or raped by Spaniards. So Catholicism isn't native to her either.

Dang it! I am pist off that she would take the opportunity to bash my choice in religion when I am dealing with a sick baby. I am all for having intelligent, peaceful and respectful debates about whatever is on your mind BUT now is not the time. My heart left my body the moment my lilo was born and I can't take it back.

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