July 22, 2009

Just In!!

As Salaamu Aalaykum,

We started a new section for home schooling parents. We are still recruiting teachers to help us with the curriculum but it will be available free of charge to the first 10 AP Muslim members.

So far we are in the planning stage and are slowly forming our curriculum. We have a couple of teachers on board and they are helping us design our curriculum. This should be treated as just another resource in the home schooling parent's tool box. We will be accepting only 5 AP Muslim members for this project. Once this comes out of beta stage we will open it up to 5 more AP Muslim members then 10 more members and finally to anyone else who is interested. The first 10 members will be free for the life of this program. So any suggestions? Any topics you would like to have addressed? We will be polling the community soon inshaAllah in the mean time please feel free to mention your suggestions here.

Here is a screen shot

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